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The Radio Dept.’s Second EP This Year: Never Follow Suit

the radio dept The Radio Dept.’s Second EP This Year: Never Follow Suit
The Radio Dept. is what I hear playing in my dreams. Their blissful shoegaze pop is equal parts haunting and mesmerizing, and this is just how things have always been with their albums.

With only three full-lengths since their formation in 1995, it’s in the area of EPs that The Radio Dept. is constant in not only their output, but also in their sublime musical efforts. The beginning of this month saw the release of yet another EP (their eleventh so far, and second this year alone); Never Follow Suit – a synthesized parade of loops and melodies.

“The One,” the first song off the EP, sounds like My Bloody Valentine gone tropical with its calypso bounce. Johan Duncanson’s voice coos through the salty-water beats with his celestial voice echoing: “You gotta carry on, you gotta carry on…” And into the second track, and the song that shares the EP’s title, “Never Follow Suit,” does this Caribbean flavor extend. In fact, the whole album is infused with this slight hint of luscious weightiness of heat and sand. However, as if not to forget their roots, it’s on the fourth song, “On Your Side,” where The Radio Dept. revels in the sound of which we all know and love: that heavenly, otherworldly pop.

This appears to be the end of the EPs from The Radio Dept. for the rest of this calendar year, but no need to totally lose your faith in humanity; on January 25th they’ll release the 2-disc Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002-2010… and yes, all will be right with the world again.

You can download “The One,” here.

By: Amanda Chatel

“The Worst Taste in Music,” live from 2006’s Pet Grief:

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