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Interview: Twin Sister

Twin Sister music Interview: Twin Sister
We briefly caught up with SOTR darlings and eternal keyholder to my heart’s lock, Twin Sister. The group has been somewhat silent lately, but we’ve shed some light on their current activities, including fantastic new track “Meet the Frownies” for Shaking Through.

SOTR: You encourage other artists to remix your work. Do you have any favorite remixes of your tracks? Any people you’d like to have remix your stuff?

TS: I can’t make up my mind with the remixes, there’s so many! Our good friend Jimmy (Avox Blue) just did an incredible remix of Other Side of Your Face. It is pure natural goth, I love it.

SOTR: In touring with The Morning Benders and, now, Devendra Banhart, you are playing to larger audiences. How do the crowds compare? Is there anything you do in smaller venues that cannot be replicate in the larger ones?

TS: Every night is so different, some bigger crowds feel more intimate than some smaller ones.

SOTR: How did the thing with Shaking Through come about? Are you pleased with the result?

TS: Our friend Mark set it up! Very very very pleased.

SOTR: Who are your favorite twin sisters?

TS: My mother and my aunt.

SOTR: What new things are you working on? I believe there is a longer release in the works, correct?

TS: We are working on a lot of new things, and yes we are going to record our first full length in the wintertime.

SOTR: Many have noted that your sound is evolving. With anything, evolution is natural, but how do you perceive the changes?

TS: I’m not too sure, I think we are too close to the changes to see them. We’ll just keep on changing, I’ll tell you about it in 30 years!

SOTR: The vocals on your releases are often described as “[insert Feist-like female vocalist here]-esque.” Do you strive for any particular sound?

TS: Not really, we want to keep it as natural as possible, reaching for some good feeling is alright, but we don’t like going too hard for something specific.

Cassandra Gillig

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