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ART: Obama Chia Pet….Racist?

obama plant chia pet 11 ART: Obama Chia Pet....Racist?

The Obama Chia Pet claims to be a symbol of liberty, prosperity, and hope. You can get one here at chiaobama.com, who knows,  it might make an interesting Christmas gift. Apparently the Obama Chia has been pulled from the shelves of several stores claiming that it is racist.  In the tv commercial Chia Pet has debuted the Obama Chia along with Washington and Lincoln, probably to lighten the load of the hilarity of the relation of the ‘fro’ and the way the chia pets grow. Some have compared the Obama Chia to resemble the late Don Knotts (see photo below) but we know thats not the only reason the Obama Chia is hilariously funny.  Buy one and see how big you can grow Obama’s ‘fro’.

obama chia pet 2e1 ART: Obama Chia Pet....Racist?

Obama chia pet ART: Obama Chia Pet....Racist?

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