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REMIXES: Vodka and Milk and Something Fresh

VodkaMilk REMIXES: Vodka and Milk and Something Fresh

Remixes of mainstream hip hop can be a hit or miss: sometimes it can turn the listener’s assumptions of a song upside down. Others times, it just reminds you how much the original song blows and how, strangely, you now miss it. So treading into these dangerous waters enters our protagonists, Vodka & Milk. Two LA kids and a laptop form these manifestations, giving what could sometimes simply be seen as trashy pop rap into something new, digital, but oddly classic. Take their cover of Money Ain’t a Thing by Jay-z and JD: there is something naturally upbeat and active when lyrics are speed up to twice their original bpm’s (beats per minute).  Yet more importantly, it allows a whole new avenue and Vodka & Milk are more than happy to oblige. So with an almost underwater sensation, he brings something, dare I say, funky to it? Believe me, I raise an eyebrow as well as I write it but this is exactly what I am trying to communicate: there’s something very classic about their sound, something that some of the greatest pop songs of the past had, held, and treasured. Yet what makes this even more appealing, at least to me, is it’s tinge of darkness. There’s something naturally mysterious about their songs, way beyond some cheesy image of some nightclub but rather something more personal in scope. Put it on when you have friends over, right at around midnight or one when the crowd is tired but not done. It’ll bring them back to life and may just make everything a whole lot more interesting. Download their new single and even their mixtape, all free thanks to our friendly West Coast pals. It may just change your Friday night.


- Cliff Drake

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