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ALBUM DOWNLOADS: Caged Animals S/T & Warped Souls

caged animals caged animals ALBUM DOWNLOADS: Caged Animals S/T & Warped Souls

CAGED ANIMALS – Warped Souls


Have you ever wondered what your obituary would read? We all like to think it will be amazing, yet naturally there are probably some tarnishes here and there. Yet all and all, I think everyone reasonably hopes to be remembered as a largely good person, with naturally human errors but overall a blessing. If you had to think of a soundtrack for this dualism, look no further. Caged Animals brings to the table a sence of bitter optimism, a beautiful redefining of what it means to be happy. There is certainly regret: hell, it’s littered with it. Yet shouldn’t we be happy to have things to regret? After all, its a pretty clear sign that you truly have lived. A combination of surfer rock with classic poppy elements, Caged Animals brings a dark but overall optimistic side of music out, with lo-fi’d out vocals and its frequent, fragile piano notes which float in the distortion. Favorite off of their S/T has to be Hazy Girls, with a tinge of southern rock and loaded in misery, it doesn’t actually seem that sad anymore, rather it seems to be boiled down to a simply shake of the head and perhaps a hard night sleep. Cliched imagery, I know, but frankly it has that tinge of classic, folk/blue’s meloncoly as acts like Deer Tick have brought back, but brings it in with some many other elements that it becomes a fuzz of hazy grins. So what does this all mean to you anyways? It means give Caged Animals a chance and see where it takes you. The end isn’t as bad as it may seem.

Download Caged Animals Warped Souls HERE

Download Caged Animals S/T album HERE


- Cliff Drake

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