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MUSIC: Young Magic “You With Air” Mp3

young magic pic MUSIC: Young Magic You With Air Mp3

It’s sort of hard to write about Young Magic, for a lot of reasons. Lack of a body of work being one, but the harder thing for me, in doing this write up, is there’s not a lot of information to be found about….him? er….them? either so for the purposes of this piece of writing, we’ll go with “it.”  I am not exactly sure yet what it is, but it definitely seems promising. I wanted to write it off at first. I’ve discussed this before, but I have sort of a ten second rule with songs…they have to hook me immediately in most cases. I have to say though, while I can’t judge it substantively at this point, because I can’t get a good grip on what a whole Young Magic album would entail, You With Air is a strong start, and I am definitely intrigued.

By Rachel Noel

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