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MUSIC: Chris Schlarb’s New Album- Psychic Temple

chris schlarb MUSIC: Chris Schlarbs New Album  Psychic Temple

It’s in the vein of droning ambient mixed with a more disciplined and refined sound that you’ll find Chris Schlarb. Psychic Temple, the new album from Schlarb, is a work of art that required a 29-member ensemble to create, including a horn section, string quartets, and the haunting lulls of a choir.

Psychic Temple is a thoughtful, wordless “meditation on beauty,” that is four songs that flirt with elements of experimental jazz without losing its melody or appeal. While sometimes experimental can leave one hanging and at a loss for words or understanding, Schlarb packages his sound perfectly, all the while transporting the listener to another realm or two. Psychic Temple, which comes out November 23rd on Asthmatic Kitty, is a neatly disheveled yet intricate take on beauty that will rest itself in your soul and make a home.

By: Amanda Chatel

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