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MUSIC: The Vivids’ Dream of Punk Long-Gone (Mp3′s)

The Vivids Band MUSIC: The Vivids Dream of Punk Long Gone (Mp3s)

The Vivids, a brand new band from LA, take a guitar-heavy psychedelic sound and add a pinch of punk energy to create a collection of brooding, darkly dreamy tracks. Their frontman’s high falsetto delivery stands out sharply from the cloudy background, a nice point of contrast to the overall sound. And although it’s hardly ever possible to hear what he’s singing, his delivery suggests pain and longing, in the best way possible.

The band is at their best in those moments when they come out of the shadows, such as at the end of “Mt. Radiant,” when a distorted guitar with heavy reverb strums itself into a mass of sound – although by that time the song has started dwindling into the end. Moments like this point to where the band could head in the coming months or years. I’ll be checking their MySpace page with interest.

By: Jesse Diener-Bennett

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