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PHOTOGRAPHY: Dany Peschel’s Bodies

dany peschel photography naked nuns PHOTOGRAPHY: Dany Peschels Bodies

Like many other photographers, Dany Peschel is fascinated with the body. The body, especially the female body, in varying forms is very interesting. These bodies are covered, exposed, wearing the uniform of nuns and have celestial projections upon them. They seem to be little more than canvases that capture and hold w hat Peschel wants to project upon them. There are some hints that these bodies are more than just a body of art, work or something to be manipulated on film and it’s not in the model poses.

dany peschel photography peoplerunninginwoods PHOTOGRAPHY: Dany Peschels Bodies

dany peschel photography girl stars PHOTOGRAPHY: Dany Peschels Bodies

dany peschel photography girl11 PHOTOGRAPHY: Dany Peschels Bodies

By: Sarah MacDonald

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