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ART: Luke Rudolf

Luke Rudolf portrait 1 ART: Luke Rudolf

Luke Rudolf is something of an enigma (Think: Depp, Johnny). Masked in the fauvist colors and strokes, behind the geometric abstractions, there is a portrait. These are two-dimensional constituents parts that synthesize to create uniquely three-dimensional pieces that stifle recognition.  Sounds impressive, I know.

Luke Rudolf Portrait 2 ART: Luke Rudolf

Luke Rudolf Portrait 3 ART: Luke Rudolf

Whether or not you are moved by the pieces is something else entirely. Modernist art asks a lot of the viewer. Not only must the viewer actually view the piece (which is asking enough), but they must also question it. Rudolf asks just that of his audience.  Question the art, question your want to recognize portraiture, and question your questions.  In essence, the piece’s value lies not in your visceral response, but in your intellectual reaction.

Luke Rudolf Portrait 4 ART: Luke Rudolf

Well, go ahead and intellectualize. Rudolf dares you to.


Scott Warfe

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