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MUSIC: Timmys Organism Something new in 2011

timmys organisms music band 3 MUSIC: Timmys Organism Something new in 2011

Timmys Organism-Give It To Me Babe

Being a human seems pretty stressful. I think that’s why everyone has been embracing chillwave so hard. I feel like I don’t really like to RAGE very much anymore. Just want to come home and drink some wine out of a box, and listen to some tracks that remind me of horses running on a beach or w/e. I go to a lot of places and hear songs with great vibes, have a drink that I sip responsibly through the night and talk about meaningful things. So the other day, I was listening to Timmy’s Organism, and I was like…wow, I really hate this. I think this is like…the worst band I’ve ever heard. Got to turn this off right now. As the week went on, I thought about it a lot, and I thought about how, chilling is kind of lame, and deep conversations kind of suck and are boring. I found myself listening to them, and thinking, this is kind of the anti chillwave, and I think I like it. Instead of being nostalgic about some idiotic childhood photograph, it made me nostalgic for making out with strangers, wearing stupid looking clothes, vomiting out of car windows, and passing out in the lawn. Going on family vacations, ¬†and stuff, kind of dumb, but getting wasted and GOING OFF….those are truly the best times of my life. I’m going to suggest that for 2k11, someone buy a cheap case of liquor and smokes and overthrow the chillwave movement for good. Click HERE to get in the spirit.

By Rachel Noel

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