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MUSIC: Wheres all the Nihiti?! (mp3)

nihiti MUSIC: Wheres all the Nihiti?! (mp3)

Nihiti is the japanese word for love, and the post rock ambience this New York outfit manages to capture the essence of that word in their songs. From ambient tracks reminiscent of Boards of Canada or Amon Tobin, to pulsating electro, to gentle acoustic ballads matched with gentle Simon & Garfunkel or Pinback tendencies. Nihiti creates very cinematic music, perfect soundtrack material, with prestine productions these tracks create sonically beautiful soundscapes.
Their new album “Other Peoples Memories”, is a catalyst of their all around sound in one package. Uplifting pianos matched with acoustic guitar, Into electronic tinged tracks, their versatality seems to know no end. Successfully bouncing between electronic fueled adrenaline and gorgeous earthy tracks is not a easy feat, for many. For Nihiti it seems easy, their fluid transitions and general vibes are pristine against their noir aesthetic. this new york act has a handful of shows all over the east coast, too bad for the rest of us non-east siders. The visuals on their shows include amazing light shows tossing one into a black and white ocean of sound, and from the youtube videos it isnt anything to miss out on. check out some tracks and a live video below to get more on Nihiti.

Nihiti – Black Cars (a sinistra)

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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