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MUSIC VIDEO: Roots Of Acid Electronica-Bruce Haack-Lucifer

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Back in the 60s & 70s there was a ton of experimentation with and without analog synthesizers. There were not however many that focused primarily on the youth, and created such fantastic acid electronica. The early developments in vocoder technology, and analog synths quickly fastened the development of the art. Acts like Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, & Jean Michel Jarre were focusing on their own aspect of the moog world, Bruce Haack was experimenting with cerebral mind seducing trances. His early releases were primarily for children, he and a group of like minded individuals created dimension five records. Not shying away from the limelight his music and work was heard on commercials, tv shows, and movies all during this young era of music.
Word Song – Bruce Haack
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A few years into the 70s Bruce took a sudden shift towards a more acid progressive rock feel. Incorporating rock elements was a perfect match for his already eccentric style and added a needed method to the madness. ‘Electric Lucifer‘ is a stand out album of the electronic music movement, and is a psychedelic experience tinged with revelutionary inclinations. Its great to hear the early prototype for the vocoder displayed by Haack on these tracks, a true innovator of his genre and medium. He continued in the eighties creating Funky electronica, and experimenting further into children’s music. His legacy and impact on electronica/house music is heard in every club today worldwide. Below you can take a listen to a few tracks from his later career, enjoy.
Electric To Me Turn – Bruce Haack
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