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Interview: Deerhoof- New album “Deerhoof vs. Evil” out Jan. 25th

deerhoof Interview: Deerhoof  New album Deerhoof vs. Evil out Jan. 25th

On January 25th, Deerhoof will release their newest album, Deerhoof vs. Evil. We talked to guitarist Ed Rodriguez about the new album, the fun of faux headlines and their upcoming tour. Mark your calendars, folks, Deerhoof is coming to a town near you…

SICK OF THE RADIO: You have a new album coming out in 2011, Deerhoof vs. Evil. What’s your idea of pure evil?

ED RODRIGUEZ: Whatever pure evil is I don’t think it has a name or a face. I think everyone has a different idea of what normal everyday evil would be. A shark, a politician, a neighbor. Evil’s in the eye of the beholder. But I think in its many forms, it leaves you feeling bad.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Is there any specific reason why your upcoming album will be released on Polyvinyl instead of Kill Rock Stars? Or was it simply just time for a change?

ED RODRIGUEZ: Our initial relationship with Polyvinyl began when we started talking about releasing a 7″ (which did happen – the Busdriver/Physical Forms/collaboration/split). Over that period we really got to know them and see how they operated and their ideas with their releases. It felt like it was a good mix with what we were doing and wanted right now so we thought, why not do the whole record with them? The band has done releases with other labels before and always with the blessing of KRS. Everyone (the band and labels) talked to make sure no toes were stepped on and then full steam ahead! We really should have made an effort to make it much more exciting and headline grabbing. Online fighting and spreading stories of KRS attempting to rub us out. A few pics of Satomi and Greg with black eyes and casts.

SICK OF THE RADIO: What albums that were released in 2010 have you guys been listening to and loving on?

ED RODRIGUEZ: I feel like all I’ve been hearing lately were mixes of our record. But that’s a 2011 release so it doesn’t count. I usually don’t get to hear many records but this year I’ve really liked: Glenn Branca’s The Ascension Sequel, Dangerous Boys Club – VRIL, Abe Vigoda – Crush.

SICK OF THE RADIO: Can we expect a full-fledged tour to accompany the January release of Deerhoof vs. Evil?

ED RODRIGUEZ: Absolutely! We hope to make it everywhere and somehow come home without bedbugs hidden in our bags. We kick it off after the release on January 25th with a month in the US before heading to Europe and then on and on until we run out of world.

By: Amanda Chatel

“The Perfect Me,” live:

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