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GUEST POST: Kruxe on Haunted Houses

haunted houses music band ryan jersey GUEST POST: Kruxe on Haunted Houses

Guest post from Nick Burk of Kruxe:

Lately all I’ve been listening to is Haunted Houses; this dude Ryan from New Jersey. All these swirling repetitions of jangly basement guitar with a nondescript sometimes-beat pulsing out again and again underneath, and overhead are constant cascades of noisechords droning on and on into new planes. Through it all is this howling voice trying so hard to explain but you just can’t make sense of it, all you can do is try to interpret. It’s so easy to get lost inside these things. this is no summery, beachy aquamarine band. it is much chillier, and more in alignment with the moon than the sun. Autumn is here, winter is coming, and this music is what i plan on bundling up in.

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