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ART: Jung-Yeo Min

jung yeo min painting untitled ART: Jung Yeo Min

Jung-Yeo Min’s paintings are kind of like trippy pastoral scenes. They are manipulative of the space and tension in the image but ultimately somewhat soothing to look at. Pieced together, the paintings she creates are collages that examine a fantastical world. The strange bits strategically placed in each painting are meant to shake up the familiar images we are used to and drag us willingly into this magical world she has created. The pastoral look is quite fitting for such an experience because the familiar tones, palettes and themes of the technique compliment, oddly enough, the imaginary world she has created.

jung yeo min painting 4minutes ART: Jung Yeo Min

jung yeo min painting cache cache ART: Jung Yeo Min

jung yeo min painting frontiere ART: Jung Yeo Min

jung yeo min painting passages2 ART: Jung Yeo Min

By: Sarah MacDonald

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