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MUSIC: What happens when La Vampires & Zola Jesus collaborate?

LAVZJ MUSIC: What happens when La Vampires & Zola Jesus collaborate?

This Unrelentlessly Cosmic Psychedellia Experience of an ep thats what. Zola Jesus, with the voice of an otherworldy gothic queen and the anthemic rhythm of a slow building war, Bellows over spacey waves of fuzz and delay. The spiritual 60′s tinged psychedellia of La Vampires aesthetic seeps through these tracks. If you havent already heard Amanda Brown’s former group ‘Pocahaunted‘ (Beside Bethany Consentino from Best Coast by the way), go listen to it now.
Zola Jesus‘ Gothy Shoegazer vibes is like a new reborn Cocteau Twins, beautiful powerful singing over atmospheric rock with steady drum beats. Ethereal dream pop melodies over hypnotic powerful vocals that soar throughout the song.
We may have found another missing link in the los angeles scene, merging the swelling psychedelic acid tinged rock with the low end theory style street bass. creating a crunchy distorted cereberal journey through the looking glass. For being a modest release, this album has turned out to be easily one of the must-hear albums of 2010. just too many things are going right in these songs for you not to hear it. below you can check out two tracks from the album, ones a fan video, the other is straight music. give it a listen, you wont be disappointed.

Zola Jesus & La Vampire – Looking In
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