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MUSIC: Man Man Plays Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest // Show review

Man Man at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Man Man, a Philly based rock group, recently took the stage at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Festival for a packed and raucous crowd. Man Man played a well-rehearsed set, as you might imagine they would if you have listened to their albums. While I am a big fan of Man Man, I still think that most of their songs sound the same, but that didn’t stop me nor the rest of the crowd from having a great time.

Flickr Video

The six-man band practically engulfed the tiny Fun Fun Fun stage. As soon as they came out, they were oozing energy and the crowd eagerly gave it back. Right out of the gates the band dominated the stage with a powerful stage performance. This was all highlighted by the great light show behind them.

In closing it’s hard to not like Man Man. Like I stated before, all their songs sounds very similar, but it was still a great set that I would have loved to dance to if there had been a smaller crowd or a little more wiggle room. If you haven’t seen Man Man, find the time to. You won’t regret it.

Check out a video below of the performance.

Checl out the band’s myspace page here!

By: Brad O’Donnell

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