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MP3: Hurt Valley “Desolation Views”// album download

jjj MP3: Hurt Valley Desolation Views// album download

Hurt Valley – Your Arms

Hurt Valley – Places In The Shade

Hurt Valley just sent us a link to his album “Desolation Views” which is available for download via bandcamp HERE. Hurt Valleys brand of chilled out psych-pop floats through a celestial dreamland guided by minimalistic synths filling out the spaces through subtle movements. With an uncanny vocal comparison the track You’ll make your escape reminices of Robert Plants solo work post Zepplin. Your Arms features a melody that coast lethargically over a dreamy wash of synths reflecting a chilled out romantic 80′s vibe. I believe Hurt Valley is a relatively new project, my google search only returned a myspace page, but I know its only a matter a time before Hurt Valley spreads like a wild fire through the blogosphere and beyond.

Download Hurt valley’s “Desolation Veiws” HERE

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