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SHOW REVIEW: Wavves Back in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest-”So Bored”

Wavves at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Wavves, a relatively young band out of San Diego, is typically known for their noise pop sound, but their set at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Festival may have brought on new meaning to that term. Lead Singer Nathan Williams was having technical difficulties throughout the set that lead to an out of tune garage rock sound. Not quite as lo-fi as their album Wavvves, and not nearly as clean as their newest release King of the Beach.

In reality, despite the lack of tuning on Nathan’s guitar, which sounded like he had just replaced the strings and hadn’t had a chance to break them in, it was a good set made up of mostly the group’s newest songs, mixed in with multiple sound booth errors. I was personally hoping for more of the older tunes, but I was still very pleased with the set.

Flickr Video

It appeared that the band was using a lot of borrowed equipment. Drummer Billy Hayes, formally of Jay Reatard’s band, was using the same drum kit that the previous act, The Appleseed Cast, had used. Nathan was using a Fender 4×10 from the neighboring stage that The Antlers has previously used (equipped with broken foot pedal). Stephen Pope, also of the Late Jay Reatard’s band, didn’t appear to have any borrowed equipment (maybe his amp stack), but he was sporting a crazy down due mohawk.

The crowd seamed to enjoy the set for the most part, despite the previously mentioned hiccups. Could have been that early on in the set Nathan lit up a J and gave it to the crowd, but I think it was general satisfaction of the crowd getting to hear what they came for. I would definitely try to catch another set.

Check out the additional photos and video below.

Check out the band’s myspace page here!

By: Brad O’Donnell

Wavves at FFF fest

Waves at Fun Fun Fun Festival

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