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SHOW REVIEW: MONOTONIX live at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Monotonix at Fun Fun Fun Fest

If you haven’t had a chance to see Monotonix, you’re not trying hard enough. It’s one of the most must see shows ever. I had the pleasure of seeing yet another great set at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Festival. While I am sure the lead singer Ami Shalev was not there, due to a previous injury, there was a look-a-like that was equally sweaty and a likely just as much of an adrenalin junkie.

If you’re not familiar with Monotonix, they are an Israeli rock trio that is known for their ruckus performance that always involves them climbing all over the crowd/venue while playing, beer being pored on the band while playing and sometimes a drum kit on fire (again while playing). Before the set started I went up to the drummer, Haggai Fershtman, to ask him “What are y’all going to climb on here? There’s nothing here.” Haggai’s split second response, “The peoples.”

Flickr Video

The set started as many of them do, with the band set up in the middle of the crowd and quickly moved from there. While Ami’s presence was greatly missed, his backup did a good job of being equally crazy. He wasn’t so great at carrying a tune, and that was made obvious/symbolic when he stuck the mic up us ass and continued to sing.

Final thoughts. It’s was an ok show, not nearly as good as the previous sets I have seen in the past but still kept a smile on my face. Guitarist Yonatan Gat was amazing as always, drummer Haggai Fershtman was still able to play despite his equipment continuously being carried away and I left with a huge smile on my face, as did everyone else.

Check out the band’s myspace page here!

Additional photo and video below.

By: Brad O’Donnell

Montonix At FFF Fest

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