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MUSIC: Not MGMT, definitely not Of Machines…Soft Powers

soft powers pic MUSIC: Not MGMT, definitely not Of Machines...Soft Powers

First things first, I spent every summer with my father in Atlanta growing up so I have a fondness for it, and underwent some majorly important changes for the better as far as taste level goes by being exposed to the culture. There’s a place in my heart for the scene there be it noisy garage rock, psychedelia, or hip hop. I started listening to Soft Powers, and immediately was reminded of a band called The Silent Kids that I used to love and hear on college radio out of Athens, and an inevitable comparison to MGMT. Whether that’s a compliment or not, I guess depends on your feelings about MGMT. There are always going to be those people who aren’t afraid to like popular things, and those people who feel the need to be iconoclastic and irreverent. I can see the issue from both sides. It’s not exactly a comfortable feeling to share something in common (liking MGMT) with people who probably also love Owl City and Justin Bieber It makes you question your own sanity, and authenticity. In any case, I think Soft Powers do a good job of being sugary sweet, and fun with that Jackson 5-ish pop vibe that makes you want to love them without going over the edge and turning into something your average 7th grader is listening to on the bus ride home. If you want to listen to something that sounds strikingly similar without seeming like a lame-o out of touch mainstreamer, I think you’ve met your match. I also would like to point out, for S&Gs Singer Dylan Anderson was also the former frontman for Of Machines in the biggest 180 possibly in the history of music. They have some pretty hardcore fans as well. No pun intended.

Rachel Noel

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