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Mp3: Zach Hill’s new album “Face Tat”

zach hill Mp3: Zach Hills new album Face Tat

Math Rock and its variants has always compelled me as a genre. A usually eclectic and hectic experience, the musicians often play with the listeners assumptions by frequently changing time signatures and offering melodies that reminds one of a square squeezing into a circle. Yet somehow it seems to work, I guess something about the constant shock and awe keeps listeners like me coming back. Now for anyone who knows Math Rock, then Zach Hill is easily their idol. Of Hella fame, Zach Hill has moved a long way from those days and has been featured in everything from Holy Smokes to bygones. Yet spaced in between all of these different projects, Zach Hill has always somehow managed to continue releasing his own lps. Astrological Straights was one hell of a ride, a side of Zach Hill that I hadn’t really known or expected: taking this Math Rock philosophy and moving well beyond just drums or bass or guitar but really exploring the digital arena. And with this in mind, I introduce you to Face Tat, Zach Hill’s latest release and, in my humble opinion, but of course, his best solo release. Still largely digital and electronic in instrument choices, he has brought back some of the original elements of his early days into this album, providing a perfect mix of distant while in your face. My advice? Just listen for yourself: if you are a long time fan, you will fall instantly in love, while if you are new, be patient, everything will become perfectly clear soon enough.


- Cliff Drake

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