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RECORD LABEL: Give Me Horizontal Action- HOZAC records

HOZAC RECORDS MUSIC copy2 RECORD LABEL: Give Me Horizontal Action  HOZAC records

Idle Times – There Ya Go

Hozac Records, is a distortion drenched oasis, quenching the inner thirst for true Noisy Grunge-Pop. Garnering alot of attention for their blogosphere successes Dum Dum Girls & Rayon Beach, these guys are nothing short from ‘New’. Rising from the ashes of a Chicago zine (Horizontal Action Magazine) , meant to cultivating the local scene there from indie/pop punk carbon copies into a very supportive, creative music scene. What Began as a few releases from faithful local acts, grew into an entity, fastly expanding. Loads Of 7″ Singles Later, and a handful of LP full lengths, they have solidified their transition from Publication To full fledge Record Label. Now The underground punk scene is alive and well in chicago.

Subtle Turnhips – Seminole Feelings

Releases from acts like Dum Dum Girls, Rayon Beach, Wizzard Sleeve, and a slew of other psychedellic fuzz agents, seap from this label. Many sounds and vibes reminiscent of those 80s second wave punk bands covered in documentaries like “Decline of Western Civilization”. sounds made from acts like Public Image Limited, Cramps, X Ray Specs, and Alien Sex Fiend, Infused with drum machines or with melodic doo wop esque infectious tunes. Churnin these energies into a raw pure energy that is felt just as much as the simplicity of the songs themselves.
Keeping up a constant roster of releases and singles from the endless supply of acts oozing out of the windy city, Hozac runs the block. Their recent releases for Idle Times & Subtle Turnhips are prime examples of the energy captured in the acts found here. Livid eighties underground punk vibes matched with lo fi distorted production value, its like finding forgotten footage from ‘The Decline of Western Civilization‘, Which if you have not watched, do so. Idle hands new album being on stream is quite a treat, its a consistantly raw album.

Article by: Alex

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