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MUSIC: Download-”The Dreams?” Or The NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!?

The Dreams Band MUSIC: Download The Dreams? Or The NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!?

The Dreams-Rising Son

The Dreams-Milk By Myself

I can only imagine the dreams of The Dreams must be cold, scary places. In their dark soundscapes they codify noise into small bites and arrange them into demonically repetitive beats. These beats serve as background for the out-of-tune Sprechstimme of band members Serpent and Bisoubisou. Still, a few of their songs have hummable riffs, and many use reggae samples. Although their tracks tend towards dissonance, The Dreams’ heavy beats and Dub roots make them danceable, even as they make you wonder what exactly you’re dancing to.  Download a bunch of tracks from The Dreams HERE

By: Jesse Diener-Bennett

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