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A collective of music that is not only hypnotic in its rhythms but also reminiscent of afternoons in pastlives. Olde English Spelling Bee Records, is home to various eccentric acts that teeter on the edges between retro analog synth epics or theme songs, and the nearly endless world of psychedellia.

Acts like Julian Lynch, take you a spirital journey through spacey guitar leads and warm bass lines, while his voice swells into the song and takes the lead. His songs ‘venom’ & ‘stomp’ stand out as well as the song with the accompanied video ‘seed’. His vocals are bright ambient and soaring, similar to acts like Sigur Ros & in particularly Jonsi with a shoegaze kilter on it.

Then you have acts like Rangers, who create what seems forgotten OST music from various classics from yesteryears. The retro production value and ablity to capture what is now seeming a forgotten world of music, the television theme. Ducktails is another act from this Alcove of throwback gems, a solo project that is now on a world tour traveling through Europe and the Mediterranean. The songs are laid back alterna-rock, pop fused feel good rock with a vibe of care free wonder. These acts carry a general feel good quality that is truly timeless; below you can take a listen to Julian Lynchs’ video for the song ‘seed’

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Julian Lynch – Seed

by alex auclair

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