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Mp3: Shy Violet- Fine tuning the alternative genre

shy violet Mp3: Shy Violet  Fine tuning the alternative genre

There’s a notable thing about Jordan Romero’s project Shy Violet; he’s maturing and experimenting on his sound. There’s so many touches and moments of different ideas just screaming to be let out of their cage, but in this case, discovery’s the name of the game.

The songs have hints of retro lo-fi fuzz, with grunge undertones. The most dominating idea however is the late 80s vibe given away by the feeling that this was recorded with an old 4 track. Shy Violet definitely has some interesting concepts surrounding its alternative base, be it the haunting eeriness of The Internet, or the intertwining rhythm slash of vocals on Dirtbike Queen with hints of  ironic tweeness.

By, Hamish Gibson

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