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MUSIC VIDEO: Band Crush Warpaint

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You know when you have a crush on someone, and every time someone asks you about them, you just blush a little, and you can’t really think of anything to say. You can feel your face heating up, and you can feel a really stupid smile starting to stretch across your face which you try to contain, that makes it all the more suspicious. This happens to me every once in a while with bands. When I’m describing music either in writing, or simply during a conversation I try to be at least sort of objective, keeping in mind that everyone’s taste is different, but in this case, I just can’t do it. I am infatuated with Warpaint, maybe even a little bit in love. The only thing I can manage when trying to describe them is giggling, and maybe, “They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!” When I first heard their EP Exquisite Corpse, it was like my dreams come to life. I love girls with pretty voices, I love psychedelia, I love make out music, and songs that I can listen to, and day dream about wearing long flowy dresses and being in a cult. For me, it doesn’t get much better than this. Their new full length The Fool is gorgeous from beginning to end. Lush, dreamy, sexy, and scary, and if you get a chance to see one of their live shows, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. This is an instance in which the buzz surrounding a band is not overblown. And IMO, much more deserving of the hype they’ve received than some of 2k10′s other big blog artists not to mention any names AHEM (Best Coast/Sleigh Bells,) but of course to each their own. As for me, The Fool is definitely in my top five for 2010. You can purchase it on vinyl, cd, or digital download here.

By Rachel Noel

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