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Mp3: A Teengirl Fantasy Fall

Teengirl Fantasy Mp3: A Teengirl Fantasy Fall

In an increasingly digitalized world, with increasing amounts of laptop artists and innovators, it can be hard at times to relay the same emotional connection that music artists of the past did when the pallet was more human and down to earth. Something about all of this technology connects and divides us constantly: we create far more connections yet continuously feel lonelier. Yet Teengirl Fantasy has somehow been able to ride the line and create a sound that is both digital yet still human, allowing expansive possibilities while not just being another faceless song like hundreds of others. It is perhaps for this reason that their albums work out so well, bringing in listeners to an altered state both eclectic and relaxing. Yet quite honestly, nothing quite compares to seeing an act live, particularly when they are actually real and human enough to people that they feel something special when going, something different than just listening to a record at home. Well Teengirl Fantasy will be around the UK and Europe for the next couple of months: look them up, take a listen to 7 am, buy a ticket, and I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. As for us in the States, don’t worry, they’ll be back, just be patient. Till then, check out their stuff and believe me, you’ll get your chance soon enough.

For more tour details go HERE.

“7AM” available now on 12″ vinyl and CD:

Rough Trade, HMV, Phonica, Boomkat

Digital: iTunes, Amazon

- Cliff Drake

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