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Indian Jewelry: “Reeking Havoc”

Indian Jewelry Band Indian Jewelry: Reeking Havoc


Indian Jewelry-Swans

Indian Jewelry write brooding drone rock songs that embrace distorted sounds, reverb-saturated vocals and atonal riffs, mashing them together into Frankenstein’s Monsters of songs. Fuzzy guitars and melting electronic sounds are welded together into a blur of sound. The results of Indian Jewelry’s experiments are dizzying messes of dystopian beauty.

From Indian Jewelry’s website:

Attn Press: Here’s a quick interview you can copy and paste.

Q: Do we have contempt for the press?

A: Fuck you.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: Long enough.

Q: Do we have contempt for our audience?

A: What is an audience?

Q: What do you call what you do?

A:  Making love.

Read a real interview we did with Indian Jewelry a few months back HERE
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By: Jesse Diener-Bennett

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