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Guest post from Chase of WINKS:
I’ve been pretty much obsessed with this song for months…. I’m covering it on a split that im doing with Emily Reo which should be out in april on Friends Records. We will be touring alittle for it too.
The Smiths were one of those bands that I feel really changed the face of music and the way people compose popular music. Its evident in even the bands that are very relevent right now. Ask is one of my favorites song by the smiths. It seems like it has world music influences in it and clearly american folk references. The thing about this song that sticks out very much for me is the light-hearted attitude of the notes. In contrast, the lyrics are pretty dark and at times tongue and cheek. This song reminds me of summer alot which i feel has been a “theme” in alot of music thats come out in the past few years. They have been a big influence on my music as well as a handful of other bands and friends that I love.
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