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Calling Off the Search for True Love: Fort Christmas’ EP Feathers

fort christmas Calling Off the Search for True Love: Fort Christmas EP Feathers

I’m a sucker for a good love song. And if it’s a great love song, well, then I fall in love, too, and it ends up being a big ball of love mush. I’m trying to work on this for 2011. Jeremy Larson, on the other hand, is a sucker for love in general… or more specifically, a gal named Elsie.

In 2007 Larson released the EP, Swim, and a few months later also in 2007, his first full-length self-titled album. Yes, it’s been a few years, and knowing that his next full-length record was still a while off, he decided to get to work on a side project, Fort Christmas. The EP entitled, Feathers, is the love story of he and his love, Elsie. The concept was to document their relationship from their very first date up until their engagement – the fifth and final song on Feathers is actually called “Engaged.”

I had always been under the impression that a good love song is the kind that breaks your heart in two, and leaves you crying into your pillow; and while some are, Fort Christmas takes the love song in an entirely new direction: happiness. Love, when done right, is quite happy after all.

The first song, “Leave Behind,” starts on New Years Eve, and from there song after song evolves the course of a relationship: the learning process of getting to know someone new, the stories we share when we introduce ourselves, our real selves to someone we know who will finally get us, and the eventual realization that this is the one. By the time we reach the third song, “The Bad Ones,” there’s a feeling of dreaminess, a contagious mystical understanding that comes with true awareness of one’s inner thoughts and feelings – this giddiness continues into “Newbie.” Honestly, even the cynic is going to be a convert after a listen or two of this album.

In the last song, “Engaged,” Larson sweetly sings: “I’m calling off the search/thank you, everyone,” and there’s no doubt in the listener’s mind that Larson has finally arrived at the place some people wait their entire lives to reach: true love. Very few people get a song written about them, and even fewer get more than one; but Elsie, well, she just got a whole EP – lucky.

By: Amanda Chatel

You can download the first song “Leave Behind,” for free here; and watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image
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