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Mp3: Rangers Play Instruments

Rangers Band Mp3: Rangers Play Instruments

Rangers-Golden Triangles

As electronics slowly take over the musical landscape, it’s sometimes nice to hear good old fashioned fat base lines and wistful guitar solos. Rangers offers both, wrapped up into a nice stoner indie package. Still, their music is on the edge of anything you’d associate with guitar-based rock, and synthesizers and samplers make a strong appearance in many tracks. Their production is purposefully compressed, and their rare vocals are artfully distant, reminiscent of shoegaze greats like My Bloody Valentine. But it’s clear that they’re as proficient with live instruments as they are with electronics. Now isn’t that something.

P.S. Rangers really needs to put out a music video, or an interview, or something. In the meantime, enjoy these clips from the bowels of our youth.

By: Jesse Diener-Bennett

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