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Mp3: Into The Big Pink Wild

the big pink Mp3: Into The Big Pink Wild

Let me start by saying that I am a sucker for mashups and remixes. It is something very unique to my generation I guess, watching original pieces of work getting molded by faceless mechanics into a piece that is just as original and personal in its own right. Now not all remixes are great, like any genre of music, but The Big Pink have something oddly classic working for them. Let’s take Joker-Snake Eater: both anxiously at the climax but teasing in its glimpses of an all out “banger”, it keeps its cool with its heavy dub bass and strictly mechanic percussion. With a sinister tone, perhaps because of all the possibilities that are available, it really does give the feeling of a Friday night at 2 am. Walk around the streets, find whatever is still going on, and consider everything that the night could have for you. Now this isn’t to say that the whole album is like this. True, this theme is certainly largely constant yet like any good album, it flows from one thought to another. From one feeling to the next, Light Asylum-Shallow Tears is a clear reminder of new wave with its own contemporary spin. A melodic, moody yet cathartic piece, it keeps the image a live with its dream like glitters and organs. Anyways to summarize what takes at least 19 tracks to describe, The Big Pinks !K7 Tapes is simply cool and collected, it has its ups and downs but generally it knows exactly how to get back to its contemplative origins. Its those kind of themes which make not only for great songs, but more importantly, great albums.


Rough Trade


1. GR†LLGR†LL – Slow Dancing
2. Love Distance – Move On The Rain
3. Gang Gang Dance – Ego War
4. Joker – Snake Eater
5. Active Child – Body Heat (So Far Away)
6. Henny Moan – Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)
7. Sewn Leather – Smoke Ov The Pvnk
8. Balam Acab – See Birds
9. Yusuf B – Kiss The Nite
10. ZVA – Nothing
11. No Bra – Minger (These New Puritans Remix)
12. Jj – Let Go
13. Salem – Dirt
14. Light Asylum – Shallow Tears
15. The Big Pink – Velvet (BDG Remix By Gang Gang Dance)
16. Actress – Hubble
17. OOoOO – Mumbai
18. The Xx – Fantasy
19. Horse Macgyver – Tetanus Wine
Check out the official Big Pink Tapes website here.

- Cliff Drake

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