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Mp3: Straight Arrows are annoyingly talented at not being talented

Straight Arrows

Fairly standard lo-fi punk could describe Straight Arrows sound, as if Stiff Little Fingers couldn’t afford proper recording equipment. There’s also a heavy attempt at countering the mainstream in their insistence to keep things as dirty as possible. While their efforts to pander to the garage crowd are quite embarassing, what’s annoying is these ironic intentions are exactly what this genre is about: acting like you don’t care about something.

They combine heavy riffs with catchy rhythms, and the result is a condensed mash of fortified anti-grunge. Fuzzy outlines give some of the songs a more upbeat effect than, say, White Denim. However their solid essence keeps the music firmly in the grounds of Pissed Jeans vs the late Jay Reatard.

Perhaps it’s too dismissive to deem SA as ‘embarassing’, putting personal enjoyment aside, at least they know what the hell they’re doing.

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