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Mp3: London’s Cabaret Scene

cfcfcf Mp3: Londons Cabaret Scene

Cabaret Scene-Namaste!

London’s Cabaret Scene produces the perfect driving soundtrack for any kind of trip. The fuzzed out rhythmic tracks act as the perfect groundwork for the math rock / progressive guitar work. Their synth work and electronic textures weave the songs tightly together. ‘Namaste’ opens with fat bass and guitar work reminiscent of No Knife , Then Proceeds into an otherworldly journey. The spacey psychedelic atmosphere leads way into a fun filled dance grooves with chill-wave synths and the accented kick. ‘Memories Float’ pulls the listener in and takes them for a ride across various soundscapes, with a oriental synth lead across what sounds like christmas sleigh bells, they manage to create an atmospheric gem. Their simple synth pop sensibility is completely matched with the technicality in the guitar work, and only slightly tinged with chill-gaze vocals. Be sure to keep your eye out for what is coming up for these young UK synth wave astronauts. Check out their track ‘Memories Float’ on the video below!

Memories Float By Cabaret Scene
YouTube Preview Image
by alex auclair

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