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VIDEO: Halloween with Gatekeeper

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. The b-rated horror movie marathons, the parties, and the costumes: it feels like an ideal time to just fulfill simple gut impulses. The b-rated horror films are probably the best example of this, where you have a perfect combination of sex and violence. Watch Friday the 13th and you get your fair share of college hook ups, drinking, drugs, and of course, massacres. If you have a similar disposition as mine, perhaps Gatekeeper is right up your ally. A hybrid of 80’s horror films and dance club atmosphere, it frankly leaves you not sure whether to get excited or nervous. Take “Chains” for example. Now the video looks like an early 90’s video game but it is somehow very appropriate. A little hooky, it still has that very reminiscent nostalgia to it that makes it strangely appealing. As for the song itself, a hyper active synth mixed with a highly rhythmatic bass and eerie organs and sound bites, it keeps the listener half questioning yet all the while bobbing your head. To put it simply, it’s catchy, it keeps you awake and active, and it allows enough space to allow listeners to not feel too cluttered. Anyways if this is something that is appealing, I urge you to check out the video yourself and even preorder their upcoming ep: its always nice to have a little Halloween primal attitude available year round.


Pro-order the ep by clicking HERE

- Cliff Drake

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