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WEAVE! Sews Together Some Rockin’ Tracks

Weave Band WEAVE! Sews Together Some Rockin Tracks

WEAVE! serves up Riot Grrrl punk with a side of Devo’s rigid pop and a reggae digestif. It’s like Bikini Kill forgot to turn on their distortion and accidentally flipped the “Dub” switch.

Not that there’s anything accidental about WEAVE!’s sound. Their layered, out-of-tune melodies and simple, four-square chord changes are bred of the purest punk. If you close one ear, you can imagine yourself sitting in the basement of your parents’ house in ripped jeans queuing up the tape deck. WEAVE!’s music suggests that the band members have thoroughly absorbed what came before them, and spiced it up with some contemporary flourishes.

The song “Don’t Mess” is particularly adventurous. The band layers on Animal Collective-esque whooping while drummer Alex Black plays a primal, off-kilter beat and Bryan Backhouse and Jenny Norris twiddle eccentrically on the keyboard and guitar. This track is one of their best, although all of them are worth a listen.

By: Jesse Diener-Bennett

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