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cosby sweater project 1 PHOTO PROJECT/CONTEST: Cosby Sweater

S.O.T.R. presents our first photo based project  entitled “Cosby Sweater”. No, were not talking about the the sexual act involving Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles and Trix. Were talking about oversized, hideous looking sweaters with ugly patterns and colors, often worn by old men, and hipsters with no taste.

To participate send us a photo of youself in your favorite Cosby Sweater and submit it our way. If you dont already own one just hit up your local thrift shop and pick one up for a mere 75cents. We will be sure to post all submissions and look forward to all of your photos. We will pick the winners in the early part of December.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes to be announced.

*Deadline for photo submissions December 1st 2010

*Shoot your photos with an artistic edge, be creative.

*Email your photos to: submissions@sickoftheradio.com

*Include “Cosby Sweater” in the subject line of the email

ariel pink cosby sweater PHOTO PROJECT/CONTEST: Cosby Sweater

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