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Mac Blackout: Solo Punk

Mac Blackout1 Mac Blackout: Solo Punk

Mac Blackout-Darlin Dont You See

I know it keeps you tossing and turning all night. Your brain just won’t let you rest until the answer to this riddle is solved. What would  punk music sound like if it was created by one guy? Well fear no more, your sleepless nights are  over now since you are aware of Mac Blackout.

Sounding like Ariel Pink if he wore a leather jacket and listened to Iggy Pop, Mac Blackout brings some much needed attitude to the mostly apathetic lo-fi scene. Snarling, howling, and barking over a drum machine and a buzz saw guitar, Mac Blackout is what you listen to when you are smoking a cigarette with your foot against a wall while ignoring the “no loitering” sign.

William Bass

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