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Mp3: d’Eon sort of unclassifiable

DEONpic Mp3: dEon sort of unclassifiable

d’Eon is different. It’s kind of hard for me to wrap it up in a neat classification for you. I have to be honest, when I read band write ups or reviews, I just kind of skim them for comparisons to other things that I can understand. I can tell you this, he is Canadian, the French variety, I wanted to lump it in with all the other French electro pop bands out there, but he doesn’t sound much like that at all. He classifies himself as R&B/House/Pop which is a pretty good summation. For some reason R&B makes me laugh really hard. When anything is described as R&B I think of Kaci & Jo Jo or something, making out to All My life and watching Kids in some guys skater guys room in mid school. TMI, anyway, the point is, this doesn’t really sound like Kaci and Jo Jo, but it does sound like R&B sort of via Everybody Dance Now style. Like…It sounds like Everybody Dance Now post millennium by a French Canadian bro, who kind of looks like a cult leader. I think you will like him. He’s pretty cool.

By: Rachel Noel

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