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Mp3: Red Psalm re-define the meaning of interesting

red psalm music Mp3: Red Psalm re define the meaning of interesting

It’s rare to find something interesting, so interesting that it actually takes you aback. Red Psalm is both post-punk and ambient, but not the kind of ambience Brian Eno battered through the alternative scene. This is where the post-punk element comes in handy, it forces you to sit and appreciate its mellowness as opposed to simply rinsing your brain as conventional ambience does so well.

RP is like a series of well informed ideas enveloping amongst each other, and with tier after tier of accessible drone, there’s a distinct aura of ‘about time I heard this’. What’s most interesting is how RP have cut up accessible sounding echoes and shuffled them around, almost like construction paper being put through a shredder.

It could be argued that this is nothing but minimalist post-punk (like a contemporary Joy Division) but the truth is it plays around with the concept of interest, and just achieving that is plenty for a band to achieve.

Download more Red Psalm tracks HERE

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