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Mp3: The Proper Ornaments – Recalling

The Proper Ornaments Mp3: The Proper Ornaments   Recalling

The Proper Ornaments – Recalling

Relaxed, non-distinct guitar tracks coupled with cool melodies and a dream like synth-pop sound make The Proper Ornaments sound akin to many influential bands – The Beach Boys, Beatles and even Radiohead to name a few- but not without establishing its own unique, hazily vibrant sound.  The problem plaguing typical up-and-coming indie bands is just that; safely resting in the safety net of resemblance does not make a band stand aside with an influence, but rather in its shadows. It is the atypical that personify and subsequently succeed within a genre. I applaud bands that take the aforementioned initiative and imbibe it in their performance, allowing it define the band. Bands such as the London-based Proper Initiative certainly have an innovative future in store, and certainly no lack thereof presently.

Download the track Recalling via their bandcamp HERE
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