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Beggars in a New Land retaliate against superficiality


Beggars In A New Land – The Barnyard

Techno beats have a way of really changing music. This is of course how remixes are so much more renowned than covers, and comes under how style is about instrumentation rather than lyrics.

Beggars in a New Land have fairly chillwave based vocals thrown over a mish mash of euphoric waves and trance ladders. The collaboration of these two conflicting approaches works internally rather than externally; making the music more niche than broad. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its good points however. After all, such experimentation aims to please the more esoteric crowds.

BiaNL takes the pre-adolescent light-hearted antics of early Dan Deacon and merges them with the developing layers of Filthy Dukes. The vocals however are vital in making the music what it is: an 80s flashback with 10s connotations as opposed to one dimensional dance tracks.

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