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Mp3: Shrur

shrur music3 Mp3: Shrur

Shrur is the collective of Twins, CH Rom and C Powers. Listen and download their track Computer Drink above.

Their myspace page notes, interestingly enough, that the band’s juxtaposition of computer generated melody and frenzy results from their influences, namely tapes, compact discs, dvds, samples and of course, drums or in their case a more than fluid arrangement of drum tracks and synth beats. It’s a somewhat welcome breath of fresh air that most certainly is strange, but in such a radical manner that what I listened to is nothing short of enjoyable. It’s the marriage of a trip gone wrong and computer gone mad, which leads to such a differentiated sound, almost enunciating parts of the Flight of the Conchords repertoire, only to have the latter’s comedic jest replaced with frantic emotion. In other words, its definitely worth more than a mere listen.

Article by: Adit

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