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Mp3: SPECULATOR “Fuck This World”

speculator music album Mp3: SPECULATOR Fuck This World

Not to be confused with East Village Radio’s excellent DJ Speculator, Speculator is a twosome from LA who deal in distorted ’90s nostalgia and plastic palm trees. The beginning of “Skulls” sounds like Lux Interior groaning over an old surf jam. What resembles the death throes of Chuck Berry (or maybe the sound of him rising from the grave, green fingers fumbling over fretboard) soon enough melts into a more comfortable, feelgood electro drone. “Fuck This World” is more of the same swirling tropical narcotic, albeit expressed through a new array of instruments – all probably bought in junk shops. Check out Speculator’s interview with Tiny Mix Tapes HERE, and listen to more of their songs HERE.

Richard Greenan.

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