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FASHION: Saved By The Bell Brings Us Back

saved by the bell cast
Many of us remember watching Saved by the Bell after school, and wishing we had the amazing style they did. Even if it was ten years after the show stopped airing, and you saw a re-run. Oversized t-shirts, large prints layered with other prints, skinny leg jeans, many components that we see in today’s fashion trends.

Who would have guessed that in nearly twenty years Saved By The Bell’s pop culture style would be ‘in’ again. Thankfully, it is.

Take for example Lisa from Saved By The Bell’s dress below,
saved by the bell lisa
and compare it to a dress sold today on Modcloth,
modcloth dress invite you to play

The ‘Inviting You to Play Dress in Blue’ can be further examined here

by Syd Agee

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