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ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

edwardlipski sculpturecigarette1 ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

Sculptures can be creepy. Edward Lipski definitely proves that here with his array of mixed-media art with emphasis on blending ancient art concepts with modern ones. For example, the gold body with what looks like an afro and/or bush for a head seems like an odd combination that is indeed very thoughtful and provocative. The gold body, a staple in ancient cultural pieces, with the modern hairstyle is appropriately hilarious about the way in which we view the high and low aspects of art and culture.

edwardlipski whitesculpture ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

Any of the other pieces also illustrate this notion of the superiority of high art and how revered it was or may still be with the perhaps crass and raw slices of our modern world. The Oriental gold piece with a chard, tarnished face and a cigarette in mouth is a perfect instance of this. These sculptures are creepy because in trying to be honest about the way he sees high or low art, Lipski also makes a point of reference that though these may be hilarious at first glance, mixing two very different things together, they are in the end kind of sad illustrations about the evolution of our history.

edward lipski ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

edward lipski art ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

edwardlipski afrosculpture ART: Mix Master Edward Lipski

By: Sarah MacDonald

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