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Mp3:Something’s Heavy in Hawaii-Life & Resurrection of Heavy Hawaii

Heavy Hawaii Mp3:Somethings Heavy in Hawaii Life & Resurrection of Heavy Hawaii

I remember just about a year ago, seeing Wavves play live, with Zach Hill of Hella, amongst many other bands, guest drumming as Nathan Williams went through his usual, lo-fi, surfer rock extravaganza, showcasing everything he had once learned and what he wanted us to learn. Well do you want to know where this sporadic, angsty and ecliptic genius came from? Then you very well may be in luck, at least if you were around New York City this past Saturday, the 23rd, as Heavy Hawaii performed live for the 2010 CMJ festival. With a similar style but a more experimental tinge, Heavy Hawaii is the reincarnation of Fantastic Magic, where Nathan of Wavves once played and where that garage rock-a-billy style got resurrected. A sloppy, whole hearted mess, no insult implied, Heavy Hawaii has continued its destined path but with increased speed as they continue to gain recognition and at least credit for a formula that has recently been reproduced over and over again. Yet there is nothing about Heavy Hawaii that is over done or redone, rather they are like the ancient fable of the first Portuguese Missionary who landed in Brazil: the villagers were so intrigued by his message that they ended up eating him alive in order to manifest his spirit. Heavy Hawaii is the missionary yet far from being dead, they are only getting started. So check out their single, Sleeping Bag, and join the cannibalistic movement for originality in this increasingly uniformed world of the 21st century: it may just do you some good.


- Cliff Drake

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