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emil kozak mausoleum PHOTOGRAPHY: End of Days

Photographer, designer and graphic maverick Emil Kozak brings us a series of still images that are clean, simple and hard to figure out. Despite, or perhaps in spite of, their simplicity, Kozak’s images here capture attention because of their ordinary, everyday feeling. The focus of each picture, whether it is a grouping of trees or rundown makeshift Winnebago, deals with a sort of blending. They are incredibly busy pictures that don’t actually have a lot going on. The colours –a very neutral palette— flow into one another and it is hard to figure out what part of the picture is focused on.

They seem to suggest age and decay, growth and longevity. The motorhome is aligned with the mausoleum with one suggesting death explicitly while the other may be suggesting a sort of death of self or loss of youth (that would the house on wheels).  Even the other images suggest a sort of bareness and simple living that is hard, cold and isolationist.

emil kozak motorhome PHOTOGRAPHY: End of Days

emil kozak ice PHOTOGRAPHY: End of Days

emil kozak trees PHOTOGRAPHY: End of Days

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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